Domestic Plumbing

DDR Group Licenced Plumbers & Gasfitters have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best services for your domestic or residential plumbing needs.

We offer installations, repairs and maintenance for water supply, sewer and stormwater and gasfitting.

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority.

Water Supply

Potable drinkable water and not potable water supply installation and maintenance

Sanitary & Drainage

Sewers (installation, repairs, blockages) and Stormwater (drains, tanks, gutters, roofing)


Natural Gas and LPG Gas – installation of appliance, leak testing and repairs

Domestic and Residential Plumbing

DDR Group are a full service plumbing company. We provide Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Plumbing including Excavation. Trust your home plumbing needs to the experts.

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Domestic Water

Potable/Drinkable | Cold & Hot Water Supply

  • Leak Detection & Identification
  • New Installation, Repairs and Replacements to Below Ground includes copper tube, poly, galvanised piping, any underground piping such as under pathways, driveways, house slabs, shed slabs
  • New Installation, Repairs and Replacements to Above Ground includes hot water services (storage and instantaneous), kitchen sinks, dishwashers and fridges, laundry troughs and washing machines, bathroom toilets, cisterns, baths, showers, bidets, vanity basins

Recycled Water

Non Potable/Drinkable

  • Garden and Irrigation
  • Toilets


Installations and Drainage

  • Inspection & Report CCTV
  • New Installation and Repairs to Above Ground includes Fixtures for Kitchen sinks, dishwashers and food disposals, Bathroom toilets, vanity basins, showers, baths, bidets, Laundry troughs and washing machines
  • New Installation and Repairs to Below Ground includes drains underground, under pathways, driveways, house slabs and shed slabs
  • Blockage clearing

Storm Water

Drains, tanks and roofing

  • Stormwater Drains new installations and repairs above ground including downpipes and suspended drains, below ground including drains under pathways, driveways, house slabs and shed slabs
  • Stormwater Tanks
  • Gutter spouting
  • Roofing


Natural Gas & LPG Gas

Installations, Repairs and Maintenance

  • New installations of appliances including BBQ, Heaters (ducted heating, space heater, wall furnace), Hot Water Service (solar, gas and electric hot water storage, or instantaneous), kitchen appliances (hot plates, ovens, upright cookers/ovens)
  • New installations and repairs to Piping including leak testing, gas leak repairs in copper, plastic or galvanised piping in underground pipes, wall cavities, roof space and under floors
  • Repairs and Maintenance or Hot Water Service units and instantaneous hot water systems and heaters


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Licensed Plumbers

For repairs, maintenance and installations, DDR Group specialise in all types of plumbing including domestic residential projects. We are committed to providing the highest levels of service.

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